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The Swiss Com­mer­cial Vehi­cle Asso­ci­a­tion ASTAG has for years been offer­ing ASTAG cal­cu­la­tion bases (ASTAG GU) for gen­er­al car­go, part and full load trans­port. ASTAG VZU is the cal­cu­la­tion aid for the trans­port of liq­uid fuels and spe­cial prod­ucts in cis­tern vehi­cles.

xGU and distance and tariff lists


Xpla­nis pro­vides a range of advanced soft­ware and ser­vices based on ASTAG GU data. The xGU enables the fast and uncom­pli­cat­ed cre­ation of cost matri­ces, quo­ta­tion cal­cu­la­tions, post-cal­cu­la­tions and the like. Based on the ASTAG GU cal­cu­la­tion prin­ci­ples, Xpla­nis also offers cus­tomer-spe­cif­ic dis­tance and tar­iff lists from defined depar­ture points for all postal codes in Switzer­land.

PTV SmarTour


Whether dai­ly, week­ly or mixed trans­ports, depot-relat­ed orders or direct deliv­er­ies — PTV Smar­tour plans and opti­mis­es tours tak­ing into account your mas­ter data and indi­vid­ual plan­ning objects.
With PTV Smar­tour, planned tours can be trans­ferred direct­ly to the X4fleet and thus to the ter­mi­nal.



For the cal­cu­la­tion of geo­graph­ic and logis­tic func­tions in X4fleet we use PTV xServ­er. With the PTV xServers, we have the same tech­nol­o­gy in the form of pow­er­ful soft­ware com­po­nents as the PTV prod­ucts.

PTV Truck Navigator


The pro­fes­sion­al nav­i­ga­tion solu­tion from PTV for trucks takes dri­vers to their des­ti­na­tion quick­ly and safe­ly, as the route is cal­cu­lat­ed specif­i­cal­ly for each vehi­cle type. This includes the con­sid­er­a­tion of truck attrib­ut­es, truck rout­ing, truck bans, bridge heights, haz­ardous goods restric­tions, weight restric­tions and much more. This saves dri­vers detours, time and mon­ey.