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Successful trade fair trans­­port-ch

20.11.2017 Trade fair report trans­port-ch Successful appearance of Xplanis AG

New version of X4fleet

New version of X4fleet success­fully released X4fleet: New functions in the…

X4fleet in the trade press

Xplanis with X4fleet in the trade press X4fleet: Fleet and order merge Read…

Our commit­ment – your profit.

Your compe­ti­tion conti­nues to evolve, but what about you? Optimi­zing trans­port logistics is an important success factor today. The more efficient your processes are, the better you position yourself perman­ently on the market. We lead you to your goal: With innova­tive methods and systems as well as customer-specific solutions, we bring your trans­port logistics up to date.

We make you fit for Logistics 4.0: Make use of an efficient, cloud-based trans­port manage­ment system — make full use of the possi­bi­li­ties of machine-to-machine commu­ni­ca­tion. While we make your trans­port logistics leaner, more trans­pa­rent and cheaper, you can concen­trate fully on your core compe­tence.

Rudolf Hänni
Managing Director Xplanis AG

Smart logistics consul­ting

Reduce trans­port costs – we show you how. As a rule, you will save 8 – 12% on a. More…

Clever logistics software

Optimize trans­port logistics – with X4fleet. For your daily advan­tage. More…

Manage­ment Support

As experts in trans­port logistics, we are able to effec­tively support custo­mers in the develop­ment and imple­men­ta­tion of change within the company and on the market more…

Projects and references

Logistics 4.0 is a reality. You will find innova­tive solutions in our software and consul­ting projects. more…

Software intro­duc­tion

Good planning and prepa­ra­tion are the founda­tion for a successful software intro­duc­tion. Benefit from our experi­ence. more…


Opera­tion and Support

We will not leave you hanging after the successful imple­men­ta­tion. Ongoing monito­ring of our powerful platform enables our support team to act proac­tively and effec­tively support our custo­mers.. more…

We are there for you, versa­tile and indepen­dent of any industry.

Whether you are a company in the courier, express or parcel service, trade, produc­tion, trans­port or waste disposal, gravel and concrete industry and whether you trans­port general cargo, carloads, loose goods, liquid goods, fuels or heating oil, concrete goods or anything else. We advise you compet­ently and show you how to realize your trans­port tasks in a cost-saving and profi­table way.

Write to us or call us at +41 31 359 24 54. We look forward to seeing you.