Driver APP

The most important facts in brief

  • Android devices from V4.0 (tablets, Smart­Phones, etc.)
  • Sequence adjust­ment of stops (in vehicles)
  • Naviga­tion: Google, Truck Navigator (Naviga­tion with truck attri­butes)
  • Order proces­sing (quantity correc­tion, signa­ture, remarks, etc.)
  • Display status of integrated sensors, incl. measured values
  • Scanning line and QR code
    Photo (e. g. damage documen­ta­tion)
  • time recording
  • night mode
  • Commu­ni­ca­tion via message, voice, phone
  • Everything with one device (telephony, telema­tics, other services)
  • Entering Orders
  • Connec­tion and integra­tion of various additional APP’s, such as IR-FLIR camera, Swiss Mobil maps of the country topography for locating loading points, etc.


The driver identi­fies himself with the login. The assigned tour and the vehicle are then displayed. Alter­na­tively, he can choose from the avail­able tours.

Stopp List

The stop list is used by the driver as an overview of the stops to be approa­ched next.
The driver can commu­ni­cate with the dispatching system at any time via text or voice messages. The driver can choose whether to have the stops (which may include several loading/unloading opera­tions) or whether to display the loading/unloading opera­tions directly.


Monito­ring of sensors and transfer of actual data

The measured values of diffe­rent sensors are processed and displayed in the driver APP as status displays or as actual data. The driver is shown the ordered quantity, the actually unloaded quantity (delivered with the TSG unify box, for example) and can also enter a manual value.
If the driver has an IR-capable device (e. g. a CAT S60) he can create an IR image, this image and the measured value are faded in and appended to the order position.




With a simple touch you can switch to the naviga­tion, the address is automa­ti­cally taken over. The follo­wing naviga­tion systems are avail­able (list may change):

  • Google: free standard solution
  • PTV Truck Navigator: takes into account truck attri­butes
  • Here: allows offline naviga­tion
  • Navigon: detailed, also allows offline naviga­tion
  • TomTom: popular and popular naviga­tion
  • Switz­er­land Mobile (land topography): allows to locate points on popular national maps from 1:25’000.

Stop proces­sing

At the stop, the orders to be completed are displayed to the driver. The level of detail depends on your wishes. Unloa­ding quanti­ties and unloa­ding positions can be adjusted. Remarks and discharge status can be recorded for the entire stop or for each indivi­dual position. By means of check­lists you deter­mine which tasks have to be carried out at the stop or which data have to be recorded. For special incidents, a parame­te­riz­able list is avail­able that controls the workflow. The signa­ture can be requested or not. After comple­tion of the stop, the status is calcu­lated and a report is created which can be sent directly to the customer.


The respec­tive activity and the driver’s working time can be recorded in a simple way.

Any work to be invoiced by the customer, such as loading and unloa­ding assis­tance, waiting times, etc., are recorded as items in the stop. The service articles required for this can be trans­ferred per order or are avail­able as master data on the APP.


Manage the driver tablets

Smart manage­ment of driver tablets and Smart­Phones

With X4fleet SOTI MobiCon­trol you and we are prepared for all data security issues (mobile security) and the adminis­tra­tion of many mobile devices. X4fleet SOTI MobiCon­trol is the ideal solution for Mobile Device Manage­ment. It provides centra­lized control, robust security, real-time support and improved device tracea­bi­lity. X4fleet SOTI MobiCon­trol is a prere­qui­site for commis­sio­ning X4fleet.