X4fleet — exten­ding your office into the vehicle

Entering or copying orders, planning ahead

Orders can be read in via an inter­face or entered directly into X4fleet. Requests can be split into several transfer orders. Several part orders can be entered for each order. You can create order templates for frequently used orders. Packages, goods, services and loading equip­ment can be recorded.

Planning, schedu­ling, optimi­zing

A wide variety of methods are avail­able for schedu­ling trans­port orders. Tours can be planned and optimized manually or automa­ti­cally. The planning methods are adapted to the respec­tive requi­re­ments by means of parame­ters. Frame tours can be taken over from the previous system or the frame­work tour manage­ment integrated in X4fleet can be used.

Navigate / Edit stop

An important element of the X4fleet system is the X4fleet driver APP. With the X4fleet Driver APP, the driver keeps track of the stops to be processed, and can use the integrated naviga­tion system to navigate directly to the stop. At the stop, the driver receives all relevant infor­ma­tion and can supple­ment and modify it.

Checking / Monito­ring / Testing

X4fleet is the ideal platform for integra­ting any kind of sensor data and thus for imple­men­ting logistics 4.0 projects. Be it for the transfer of tempe­ra­ture data and the link to the delivery note data. Or for the transfer of unloa­ding infor­ma­tion (e. g. for mineral oil and fuel trans­ports) and their linkage with the order data, etc.

Commu­ni­cate / Chat

The driver and dispatcher can exchange text or voice messages. The driver is shown whether he has to notify the customer. Depen­ding on the selected hardware, the driver has GSM telephony or VoIP telephony at his disposal.

Enter Services / Complete Services

Additional services can be recorded (e. g. unloa­ding aid). Trans­ferred or accepted loading equip­ment (e. g. pallets) can be recorded. The chauffeur’s working time can also be recorded.

Accoun­ting / Reports

At the end of a tour, the invoice relevant infor­ma­tion can be provided. Diffe­rent reports can be called up.