X4fleet — extending your office into the vehicle

Entering or copying orders, planning ahead

Orders can be read in via an inter­face or entered direct­ly into X4fleet. Requests can be split into sev­er­al trans­fer orders. Sev­er­al part orders can be entered for each order. You can cre­ate order tem­plates for fre­quent­ly used orders. Pack­ages, goods, ser­vices and load­ing equip­ment can be record­ed.

Planning, scheduling, optimizing

A wide vari­ety of meth­ods are avail­able for sched­ul­ing trans­port orders. Tours can be planned and opti­mized man­u­al­ly or auto­mat­i­cal­ly. The plan­ning meth­ods are adapt­ed to the respec­tive require­ments by means of para­me­ters. Frame tours can be tak­en over from the pre­vi­ous sys­tem or the frame­work tour man­age­ment inte­grat­ed in X4fleet can be used.

Navigate / Edit stop

An impor­tant ele­ment of the X4fleet sys­tem is the X4fleet dri­ver APP. With the X4fleet Dri­ver APP, the dri­ver keeps track of the stops to be processed, and can use the inte­grat­ed nav­i­ga­tion sys­tem to nav­i­gate direct­ly to the stop. At the stop, the dri­ver receives all rel­e­vant infor­ma­tion and can sup­ple­ment and mod­i­fy it.

Checking / Monitoring / Testing

X4fleet is the ide­al plat­form for inte­grat­ing any kind of sen­sor data and thus for imple­ment­ing logis­tics 4.0 projects. Be it for the trans­fer of tem­per­a­ture data and the link to the deliv­ery note data. Or for the trans­fer of unload­ing infor­ma­tion (e. g. for min­er­al oil and fuel trans­ports) and their link­age with the order data, etc.

Communicate / Chat

The dri­ver and dis­patch­er can exchange text or voice mes­sages. The dri­ver is shown whether he has to noti­fy the cus­tomer. Depend­ing on the select­ed hard­ware, the dri­ver has GSM tele­pho­ny or VoIP tele­pho­ny at his dis­pos­al.

Enter Services / Complete Services

Addi­tion­al ser­vices can be record­ed (e. g. unload­ing aid). Trans­ferred or accept­ed load­ing equip­ment (e. g. pal­lets) can be record­ed. The chauffeur’s work­ing time can also be record­ed.

Accounting / Reports

At the end of a tour, the invoice rel­e­vant infor­ma­tion can be pro­vid­ed. Dif­fer­ent reports can be called up.